Find a Corvallis Therapist or Counselor Are you looking for a therapist? Do you live in Corvallis, OR, or surrounding areas? If so, then you've come to the right place. At Oregon Counseling, we are proud to be one of the largest private family therapy and counseling practices in the state of Oregon. We're fond of our clients, and we're thrilled that they are pretty fond of us too: Tracking counseling success rates and the feedback on our practice has revealed overwhelmingly positive results! In fact, 97% of clients who responded to a recent survey gave very high marks to our trained and experienced team of therapists. What's more is that the vast majority of our clients report high levels of satisfaction with our services, saying that they are feeling better since first beginning counseling and/or psychiatric treatment with us. From playing Pandora and providing free Wi-Fi in the waiting room to having a secure, web-based intake system so you don't have to arrive early for intake appointments, Oregon Counseling is a practice for the 21st century. Our secure electronic records system ensures client confidentiality, enhances client care, and means less waiting time for your first appointment. Call today and you will be surprised at how quickly we can see you! Our Corvallis therapists all subscribe to a systemic model of counseling, which informs a practice of mental wellness and acceptance. Oregon Counseling's providers believe that mental healthcare is a right and that you are NOT your symptoms. Change IS possible. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us today. trees.jpg Oregon Counseling provides therapy and mental health services in Corvallis that is different from other practices. We are not your average therapists. Call now! Therapists in Corvallis Oregon, find a Therapists, Oregon Therapists, Therapists in Oregon, Therapists in Corvallis OR, Corvallis Counseling, Oregon Counseling, Counseling in Corvallis, Corvallis Counseling, Find a counselor, therapist in Oregon, Oregon t