Kids & Teens

Children's Therapy in Corvallis, OR

Most children cannot verbally express their emotions until they have developed abstract reasoning skills at approximately the age of 12. Therefore, asking them to sit in a room and talk to a counselor is not the most effective way of handling a child’s issues.

If you sit across from your child at the dinner table, you know that asking questions like “How are you feeling?” or “What do you think about that?” is unlikely to yield good results. This is where children’s therapy comes in.

As a dedicated provider of children’s therapy in Corvallis, OR, we understand that a child’s natural language is play, and toys are his or her words. By having a children’s therapist work with your child in a state of play, your child reaps the rewards of therapy without having to verbalize any concerns unless he or she is able – or chooses to.

Our Child Psychologists

Our experienced team of child psychologists specialize in Play Therapy, designed to give your child the freedom to grow and explore the values, skills, and beliefs present in their surroundings in a safe and healthy environment.

What is Children's Play Therapy?

We understand that when children start kindergarten, a new level of independence is often reached. The elementary school years can be exciting for most children, yet daunting for some who experience significant anxiety about going to school and just getting them out of the house can be a challenge. They discover their capacity for expressing individual emotions, which they manipulate to their own advantage without fully understanding their actions. In addition, children are often expected to process conflicting and confusing messages well beyond their years:

Our child therapists will help your children deal with life events that are hard for children to deal with, such as:

  1. moving
  2. having an ill parent
  3. the loss of a parent
  4. or divorce

Play Therapy provides a safe place to work through confusion, anxiety, anger, grief, and many other common childhood emotions.

Sometimes having a grownup besides Mom or Dad to help process big feelings can be helpful, and children emerge from therapy more resilient, resourceful, and possess better coping skills and obtain a healthier worldview.

The following behaviors indicate that your child might benefit from our Corvallis children’s therapy:

  1. Long crying spells
  2. Difficulty forming friendships
  3. Problems connecting with teachers
  4. Physical aggression towards others

Therapeutic Counseling for Your Teenager

A more formal type of children’s therapy can be highly beneficial for individuals in their teen years, as teenagers are often even more difficult to deal with than children. A teenager tends to struggle in understanding the experiences and values of the adult world that they are quickly approaching.

Help with Teenage Rebellion

They are also in the midst of a difficult period where parents and other adults are often thought of as “the enemy,” and being asked to see a therapist is likely to lead to their asking, “Do you think I am crazy?”

What is commonly known as “teenage rebellion” refers to your teen’s developing his or her own identity and attempting to deal with the stress of everyday life on their own.

With a teenager’s expanding worldview comes the confusion of puberty, finding their own niche in the school’s hierarchy, academic performance, as well as being held accountable for their actions in each situation. Teenagers are also affected by divorce, remarriage, death, and other life changes that can be overwhelming to handle without appropriate intervention.

Children’s Therapy for Teenagers

Our child therapists in Corvallis focus on simply sitting down to speak with a teenager and making them feel truly heard. Without making your teen think that we are trying to change the person they have become or making him or her feel otherwise pressured, we can lead the conversation towards a positive outcome.

Teenagers will speak when they are ready, which is why it is crucial to provide them with a healthy environment in which to verbally work through their issues.

If you are dealing with concerning child behaviors or teenage rebellion, rest assured that you are not alone! To learn more about how our children’s therapy in Corvallis, OR, can help you and your child, please contact us today.