Mental health

Ending the Stigma & Suicide Prevention

September 10, 2020

Thursday, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. This day falls under Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which is the entire month of September. During this month, mental health advocates work to spread awareness of suicide,… Continue reading

Why Being Alone is Important

August 27, 2020

You might be spending more time than ever by yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may not be difficult to find extra time to yourself right now, it can still be tough to be… Continue reading

Improve Your Self-Image

February 19, 2020

Your self-image—the way you view yourself and your beliefs about how other people see you—is important to your overall mental health. It affects your self-esteem, anxiety levels, relationships, and ability to achieve goals. Improving your… Continue reading

Mental Health and Aging

January 10, 2020

Mental health is important at any age—and it’s important to continue to pay attention to mental health as we or those we love grow older. Some of the mental health challenges that older adults face… Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

For some, the onset of winter can be dreadful. The darker months and dreary weather do generally cause us to tend towards inactivity, but feeling stuck in a state of depression isn’t normal. Do cloudy… Continue reading